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Love Letter to my Lungs

Written by Dr. Julianna Englund, ND, LAc

Love letter to my lungs 

With every breath, you refresh my body. From my head to my toes, my every cell depends on you and has always depended upon you.  

There were times when I unconsciously destroyed you… when life’s stressful moments trapped my breath, when I burned you with tobacco to quell my anxieties, when I held onto grief and sadness as if they were my lifelines. I realize now that deep down all I really needed then was to BREATHE. 

So many days have passed that you have supported me while my monkey brain took me down this road or that. I was so caught up I didn’t Know.  I didn’t realize how I took you for granted. 

All the while, you breathed in and you breathed out. In and Out. Without Thought. Without Command. You gave me Life. You gave me Presence in this precious Experience. 

And now I sit in amazement, breath slow and expansive. Every inhale refreshing my Existence and every exhale cleansing my Being. Pink and white light emanate from my chest. Figure eights abound. Compassion lifts my judgments, vibrating to the tune of the Moon. Breath flows in and out like a holy tide. If I wanted to stop it I couldn’t.  

And in the space between the inbreath and the outbreath, I Know SHE who is Compassion and Kindness. We are together as One. I Know SHE shines for us all. Every human can Know. Every human is Divine. 

With every present breath I vow, may I never take for granted my precious and mystical Lungs. May I always know Dignity. And may I never again forget, the power of a BREATH.